A powerful team of designers, visionaries and business developers dedicated to results-driven, innovative concepts that positively impact your company's growth.

  1. Design

    Based in Calgary’s East Village, our studio is a-buzz with current brand identities, campaigns, social strategies & content creation.

    Fellow fosters individuality, beautifully crafted and functional work that pushes your brand to the center of conversation.

    We design for the success of your business by helping you gain new customers, retain existing ones, and by making it easy for them to do business with you.
  2. Strategize

    It’s not enough to design—and-walk away.

    Fellow wants to ensure that you are taking what we’ve created and using it as your strategic branding weapon.

    In order for any business to turn a profit, it is imparetive to not only hire a talented designer, but to learn how to use those weapons efficiently.

    We feel the best way for you to achieve creative results is to view us as a new extension within your own team.
  3. Develop

    It is essential that your company has a home. The ever changing social platforms can always be a branch of your marketing, but your URL is still your home. You must control what people experience.

    We do not use template based design here. Each web design we create is 100% completely custom to cater to your voice and culture.

    Our team delivers a compelling combination of responsive web services to push your brand further.

    We boast high development standards, fast loading, and create high quality, cross-browser, responsive websites and interfaces.

FELLOW’s main focus is to tap into the demand for visual content. It allows your business to be seen by a specifically targeted group of prospective audiences.

We will help you take advantage of this powerful visual medium to post relevant, high quality content on a schedule specifically based on the best statistical times and days, resulting in a more efficient ROI.

It’s not enough to post content. You must be active. You must be INTERACTIVE. You must be readily available to make your audience feel appreciated, seen and acknowledged.

Social builds an incredibly important searchable back link to your businesses website. While you should have social media pathways, they should all lead back to your home base.

Social platforms aren’t just for boasting about your business to whoever will listen, it is a science. You must know how to get your audience to pay attention, and not everyone can do it properly.

When competing for an audience, its great to have followers. But you must know how to monetize, how to utilize social media algorithms, and how to keep the momentum going.


Text is the new call. But we still like to meet face to face.

So, name your poison. Coffee? Wine? Scotch? Coconut water? You choose. We’ll buy.
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